Have you ever needed to access the system admin features in Dynamics GP and realized you don’t have the System password because you have forgotten it or the person who set this up has left the company? Well, there is a neat trick to retrieving it that is quick and safe. For those new to Microsoft Dynamics GP, the System Password (not the sa password which is for SQL SERVER), may be set up so a password is required to access Dynamics GP System Administration areas including things like adding new users, setting user security, setting form/reports security. You will need to have access to Report Writer for this:

  1. Log into Dynamics GP and open up Report Writer
  2. Select to create a new report
  3. Select the table System Password Master as the main table
  4. Open the report layout and drag the field Password onto the body of the report
  5. Save and close the report
  6. Select to print the report while still in Report Writer (note, must have access to the report via User Security to print)
  7. For security purposes, you will probably want to delete the report once you have retrieved the password
  8. Go back to GP, and to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | system password and change the password there

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